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Cherries for the guests...

Friday, 22 October, 2010 - 3:25 pm

Dear Friends, 

Our three older children attend the Chabad "Online School" - an internet school with live classroom teaching for over 400 children of Chabad families who live in "remote communities"...

Our 5 year old son Leibel has a great routine: immediately after he finishes hearing a story in class, he runs to illustrate what he has just learned... This week he came up with a fantastic piece of art.leibel's drawing.JPG                      

He was learning about this week’s Parsha, which talks about the angels coming as guests to Avraham and Sarah's home to inform them of the upcoming birth of Yitzchak.

When Chani and I saw the finished product, we were very impressed. It was clear that Leibel had worked very hard on his drawing. He put thought into every detail; he even taped a beautiful ribbon on the table as a tablecloth. I congratulated Leibel for the hard work and the fantastic result. I then asked him questions about some of the details in the drawing.

I noticed little red balls in the plates served on the table, so I asked Leibel what they were. He said, "it's cherries for the guests!” As I know there is no mention in the Torah that Avraham and Sara served cherries to their guests, so I assumed it was his own idea. I then continued to ask, "Why do you think Avraham and Sara served cherries to the guests?"

Leibel’s answer came with a very obvious look: "Because cherries are the tastiest healthiest food..."

May he grow to be such a caring host... 

Comments on: Cherries for the guests...

Malca wrote...

From the mouths of babes..... How very sweet and what a lovely drawing. Enjoy your interaction with your kids and the ability to bring out from them such wisdom.

Noemi Masson wrote...

Dear Leibel,
Your drawing is very,very good.
When I have guests i will try to serve cherries.
Cherries are a lovely colour and very nutritious.
I would like to see more of your art work.
Thanks Noemi ( Isabel's Bubby )