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A proud father

Friday, 15 October, 2010 - 3:53 pm

Dear Friends, 

Yesterday, I finally received the pictures of this year’s Sukkah Mobile event. As I looked through the photos, I remembered a very special photo from my first Sukkah Mobile journey, seven years ago.  

When we first arrived in Victoria, Sukkot arrived a few short weeks later.  When I decided to build a Sukkah Mobile and travel up the island, I had no idea how complicated this mission would be. Luckily, my handy brother-in-law was there to help. To make long story short - by the time everything was ready - we left in the afternoon, on the last day possible, and arrived in Nanaimo when it was nearly dark. 

With the Jewish directory in hand, my brother-in-law began calling all the Jewish people in the city, asking them if we can "stop by with a Sukkah". This wasn’t an easy task... Finally, the first person who agreed to have us for a visit was an elderly man named Burton.

After getting lost a couple of times (before the age of Google map and GPS) we arrived at Burton's house. Although we were quite a bit late, he welcomed us in very warmly, offered us something to drink, and asked us what we were there for...   I told him that we came to celebrate Sukkot,with a Sukkah and a Lulav. He wasn't able to walk out to the Sukkah so we brought in the Lulav and Etrog and he made the blessing and seemed very happy with the interesting visitors... 

Before we left the house, he told us how proud he was of his son, who is a "brilliant general in the Canadian army".  He showed us his son’s picture and we had a close look at it. This meeting - although fairly short - is engraved in my memory, as this was the first "up island" Jew we met in such a unique setting. 

Three and half years later, I met Burton again in a home of new comers to Victoria...  You guesed right - it was his son... Can you recognize the general in the picture behind the proud father?

Ed Fitch's father.jpg 

Comments on: A proud father

Ed Fitch wrote...

Dear Rabbi Kaplan,

Thank you for this very sweet memory.
Shabbat Shalom,

Linda Silverberg wrote...

That is my Dad! I can see my photo in the background too!

Burton's daughter, Linda
Nanoose Bay, B.C.