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Wednesday, 22 September, 2010 - 1:44 pm

Dear Friends, 

About four years ago, I met a Jewish man on Friday at Thriftys.  I invited him to Shul for the next day, and it seemed like he had a nice time. Since then I have tried a few times to call him but the number didn't seem to work, so we lost contact...

A few weeks ago I got an email in my inbox from Peter:

"My name is Peter F. we met at the supermarket at Sears Mall about three years ago.  I told you that I was Jewish at that time you invited me to attend services at your Shul which I did, and truly enjoyed the service and the Kiddush which was fabulous.

"I told you that day that I was moving to the mainland to be close to my son who lives in Whistler.

"I am writing to day to tell you how much I enjoy reading the Jewish Link and your blog every Friday evening.  It reminds me of my Jewish heritage at least once a week, so please keep it coming and please have faith in me because as you very well know miracles do happen.

"I will send a donation for your tables so please tell me who I should make the cheque to.

"I hope you and your family are all well.


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rafaele wrote...

For me, this is a fine example of the kind of well written and interesting writing Rabbi Meir presents in his weekly blog. These reflections often offer a small glimpse either into the life of a youngish rabbi and his family (which includes a lovely, gifted wife and several young children), or as a man who takes time to reach out to the Jews of Vancouver Island — no matter how far these individuals have removed themselves from Jewish observance of any kind. He never judges; he observes with wisdom, from the head and the heart.