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A cell phone message from heaven

Friday, 30 July, 2010 - 3:10 pm

Dear Friends, 

In the last blog entry I mentioned the fact that it was this month, exactly seven years ago since we made our home in Victoria. I would like to share with you another story of an event that occurred when I arrived to BC for the first time, as an example of how our lives are being directed where they need to go.

Upon arrival to Vancouver, I went to a FIDO kiosk in the mall to get a cell phone for the few weeks in which Chani and I were to stay in BC. After I chose a cell phone, I was asked by the salesperson if I had a preference for a phone number. I responded that it did not matter since we were only going to be there for a short visit.  

The salesperson chose the first phone number at random and asked “What do you think of 884-3244?  I was shocked - the previous year I was teaching in a Yeshiva in Israel and my phone number was 44-3244. What are the chances of getting the exact same number as a first choice?

I realize that it was just a phone number, but G-d has His own way of sending us messages. We need to be open to receive them, and in this case I believe the message was that we are in the right place...   

Comments on: A cell phone message from heaven

Ana Porzecanski wrote...

I don't know about others, but I, for one, am very happy that G-d directed you here!
Whenever I think of both you and Chani, I feel a warmth in my heart, and a renewed happiness in being a Jew.