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Thank You!

Friday, 23 July, 2010 - 3:59 pm

 Dear Friends, 

Seven years ago, almost to the day, Chani and I saw the Pacific ocean for the first time as we traveled by ferry to Victoria (I recall thinking how I could not understand how anyone could sleep in their car on the ferry, since then I have done it myself many times...).

We were holding our baby Mussi, as we walked around the ferry deck, anticipating seeing the Island we had decided to spend the rest of our lives on. The sun was shining and our hearts warm and excited for the amazing opportunity to fulfill our lifelong dream. At the same time, there was also cold breeze coming from the ocean- here we are moving to a place far from our families, we do not know any one, we weren't really invited, and everything is unfamiliar. Would this experience be too cold for us to handle? 

While facing the ocean this week on the third birthday and upshernish of Mendel, our third child born in Victoria, we felt very warm. The feeling that was radiating from the community who came to celebrate with us warmed our hearts and made us feel like this is our home and everyone in attendance is our immediate family.
Thank You!

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Joyce Skolnick wrote...

i love your stories every week. Keep them up.