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Unexpected donations?

Friday, 9 July, 2010 - 3:15 pm

A few months ago we started receiving a monthly donation for a very specific amount from an unknown woman. I had never met her before and she had never participated in any of our events. In her most recent cheque, she attached a note with her contact information, and so I quickly got in touch with her to arrange a meeting.

This Wednesday, after a long drive out to Sooke, I climbed a hill to her waterfront home. When we took the conversation deeper, it became clear that she is not Jewish, nor are any members of her family.  I then felt the need to ask her why she honours us with these donations and why she chose such a specific number each month...

"What do you mean why?" she wondered. "Doesn’t your Torah teach the world that in order to be successful and blessed you need to give a tithe of your profit to a charitable cause?! I was looking for a good cause and it was clear to me that Chabad is one - teaching authentic Judaism to everyone who seeks it, with no conditions or expectations."

She is very right. This Mitzvah - Maaser - giving a tenth of the crop to charity, is one of the first Mitzvot mentioned in the Torah regarding our patriarchs, and it is the only Mitzvah for which the Torah promises monetary reward.

Sometimes we need others to remind us what we stand for...

Comments on: Unexpected donations?

lindy Shortt wrote...

WOW!! May she be blessed amongst the righteous Gentiles.

This is a great reminder for all of us to support righteous causes.

Good Shabbos,

The Shortts.

Malca Casiro wrote...

What an interesting story. Makes me think there is a Jewish Neshama somewhere in her ancestry.