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The light spreads...

Friday, 19 March, 2010 - 1:43 am


Dear Friends,  

How much influence does Vancouver Island have on North America? How much on the entire world? What's the impact of the Jewish community in Victoria on the Jewish world today? I would have agreed with you - not much, until the email I received this week from Rabbi Mendy Teldon, a Chabad Rabbi in Commack, New York:

Dear Meir,

A few months ago, my wife and I watched the YouTube video of the Light of Shabbat project and were extremely inspired. We thought that this would be a wonderful project for our community. When I mentioned the idea to John, a good friend of ours, he got so excited and gave us, on his own initiative, a donation of $12,000, sponsoring 100 Shabbat boxes for the next 12 weeks. At this point we didn't have a choice and undertook the project... The response from the community was overwhelming. It turned out to be a huge success, beyond any expectation.

Last week I met with John, he said he has a plan; he wants to make this project international! he’ll sponsor 100 Chabad Houses around the world to join the Light of Shabbat project!

I just want you to know what the project you started in your Chabad house is becoming... We will also establish a committee, who will help in building this campaign, and I’d like you to be on it.



The light of Shabbat project in Victoria, with currently 20 regular volunteers is going to have an impact on one hundred communities across the world and bring the light of Shabbat to thousands of homes!

 The power of a Mitzvah on a little island on the pacific....

Comments on: The light spreads...

Marvin Sharpe wrote...

This project reflects the true meaning of "Chesed". "Deeds of lovingkindness"

Alicia Wilkes wrote...

How wonderful! Kol haKavod to all who've made this happen.

Fiona Prince (Morah Feygah) wrote...

I am both humbled and proud to be part of this project. I never even thought about the impact of the Shabbat boxes--even in our own community--until we had our Light of Mumbai in Victoria evening of inspiration and recognition in November 2009.

Now we are spreading the light of Shabbat and Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg across the world.

Joyce Skolnick wrote...

It is a wonderful project. As I am a receiver I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the box once a month especially the Chalah.
If I can do anything to help from home like calling people when to expect there box ect. I would be very happy to help.

Sara Kaplan wrote...

That is amazing news, even though I shouldn't be surprised. Light of Shabbat is a wonderful activity, and I am very happy others are learning from you guys!

Sharon Fitch wrote...

I agree with Fiona, I am humbled and proud of our Light of Shabbat project. As one of our drivers has told me a number of times, the mitzvah is even more for the volunteers. I am almost speechless at the thought this would spread so far. I should not be surprised, though. The Rebbe always promoted spreading the light of Shabbat; even from little Victoria.

lindy Shortt wrote...

Who would have thought at the time that out of the darkness of the attacks on Mumbai and that tragic murders of Rabbi Gabi and Mrs. Rivki Holzberg and others, that so much light and inspiration would follow?
I, too, feel humbled and grateful that we belong to a Shul community that inspires and creates this amazing opportunity to spread Shabbos light which remains with each recipient throughout the week.
The fact that this project from the little shtetl of Victoria inspires other Chabad centres to do the same is a testament to power of Shabbat candle lighting and it's ability to spread light throughout the world.
I am honored to be a part of this project.

nehamashira wrote...

How do you decide who receives the Shabbat boxes?

Sharon Fitch wrote...

Who receives a box? A newcomer to town, someone sitting shiva, or had a baby, someone ill or an ill family member, a senior who lives alone, a university student who doesn't have time to cook, someone who needs to be connected to community...