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Not on our own...

Thursday, 4 March, 2010 - 11:55 am

Dear Friends,  

After the Purim Party was over, when Chani and I were being congratulated for the success and thanked by many for "putting it all together", we both felt that something was wrong. 

It is true that we came to Victoria with Mussi all on our own, but since then, something has happened.

The work of Chabad Vancouver Island is being done by many members of the community who offer their help with everything being done and dedicate time and effort for its success. Thinking about the party, I knew how much of a joint effort it was. One friend brought the burgers from Vancouver; another brought the hotdogs. One member of the community took care of the comedian’s transportation and another provided him accommodations. A devoted friend was in charge of all the technology and organisation at the event and another spent the entire day cooking and preparing the food, and the list goes on... These people did not only help, but all of us, together, made this event happen.

This is the way it has become in all the activities of Chabad Vancouver Island. Although we didn't assign people to jobs and responsibilities, people have stepped up with their generosity and created a body of volunteers who perform services for Chabad regularly – not as assistants, but as equal partners in building up the services of Chabad of Vancouver Island.

There are many who provide their time and help as needed throughout the year, and there are others who have adopted a job and have become staff members. We have decided to create a web page with the names of our staff and volunteers in order to acknowledge their contribution and to show gratitude to these dedicated friends who give their time and talent in order to enrich Jewish life on our Island.  Check it out here.

Thank you Jewish community for being so kind, some with sponsorship, some with volunteering, and others with enhancing the spirit. Together we got to where we are now, and together we will grow, with G-ds help, to new heights.

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