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A new perspective

Thursday, 18 February, 2010 - 10:33 am

Dear Friends,

I wasn't planning on writing every week about my walk to shul on Shabbat morning, but what can I do - the story still goes on...

You can imagine that after my decision from last week, I walked this past Shabbat with Mussi, Rivky and Leibel. While walking together, the cyclist from last week cycled by and waved with a huge smile.

Two minutes went by and Mussi asked for a story. I'm not a good story teller, but telling a story could make the walk more enjoyable and keep us together - I couldn't refuse.

The story that came to mind at that moment was about the cow that was owned by a Jew, and when later sold to a gentile, wasn't willing to work on Shabbat until the previous owner convinced her to do so.

"But some Jews don’t know of Shabbos, they know only of Saturday," says Leibel. "That's your Job," I answered Leibel, "to tell everyone about Shabbat..."

We crossed the street and a guy waking by called with a smile, "Shabbat Shalom." I turned immediately and replied, "Shabbat Shalom to you!" and just to continue the conversation, I asked, "Where are you from?" "From Nelson" he answered. "Would you like to come with us to shul?" I heard myself asking. "I actually used to participate, but not anymore" he said.

"I was wrong," I turned and told the children. "Every Jew knows that it is Shabbat today. Look with what pride he wished us "Shabbat Shalom!" 

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