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ICU story

Friday, 15 January, 2010 - 1:36 pm

Dear Friends,

It was last week, Wednesday, when Rabbi Wineberg, director of Chabad in BC, asked me to go to the helicopter port to pick up a family who came on an emergency call. Their father, who came for a minor procedure in the hospital, was taken to the ICU after a great complication and was in a life-threatening situation. 

Sitting in the car with the family was obviously very difficult. The son, Josef, was crying in the back, and everyone was speechless. Then I remembered another story which happened to me visiting the ICU at Jubilee Hospital.

It was about four years ago when Rabbi Lipa B. called me right before Shabbat to ask me to visit his uncle, Dr. Michael B., who was in the hospital in critical condition. "Michael told me," the Rabbi said, "that although he doesn't lead a Jewish lifestyle, he would like to be buried as a Jew. Please go to meet the family and give them your contact information so they can contact you if needed."

A short while later, I visited the family at their father's bed side. They were totally devastated and felt extremely hopeless. Their father did not wake up from a failed heart surgery. I advised them to continue thinking positively and pray, and may Hashem send him a fast recovery. Before I left the room, I held Michael's hand, wished him a "Gut Shabbas!" and rushed home for candle lighting.

About a week went by and I didn't hear from the family. I made my way to the hospital to find out what happened. To my surprise, I was told that Michael was no longer there. They were not allowed to share any more information with me .

A few days later, this mystery was solved when I received a letter in the mail: "Dear Rabbi, My family joins me in thanking you for your kind and helpful visit during my recent serious illness. They were greatly reassured and helped by your visit, prayers, and comments, and I have no doubt that your intervention assisted greatly in my recovery."

I shared this story with the family in the car and asked them to keep thinking positively, and praying for his full recovery.

Three days ago, Josef called me to let me know that his father is going back on the five o'clock ferry to Vancouver. "Everything turned out to be good," he said. "He is very weak and needs some rest, but he's coming along..."

Our sages tell us that "even if a sharp sword is placed on the neck of a man, he should not withhold himself from G-d's Mercy." With prayer to the Al-mighty and the positive energy that he grants us, we could transform many difficulties and bring blessings and life. 


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