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As parents, we worry about the well-being of our kids; about their future, and about our role in shaping it. How do we keep them safe, while encouraging their independence? When should we motivate them by incentive, and when by establishing firm consequences? And how do we build their self-esteem to prepare them mentally and emotionally for the long road ahead?

In The Art of Parenting, we scale the challenges that face us as parents and explore timeless insights from Jewish wisdom to instill values, foster independence, and ensure the long-term success and emotional well-being of our children.


Dear Friends,

Following the request of parents from the community, I'm happy to announce that I will be, G‑d willing, again delivering the popular course THE ART OF PARENTING.

After I delivered the course in 2015, I was told by parents (and grandparents) that this had a great positive impact on their understanding of the role of parent and gave them practical guidance for raising children.

This course is meant for parents of young children as well as university students.

In order to accommodate parents, the five sessions will be at noon on Sundays and will run for one hour. The first class will be on January 13, 2019.

The fee for the course is $95 (including textbook) or $152 for a couple.  Since the class is during the last hour of Hebrew School, spaces are very limited, please register soon to insure your spot. 

Warm regards,

Rabbi Meir Kaplan


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