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Shofar at a local Preschool

Shofar at a local Preschool

Friday, 13 September, 2013 - 3:56 pm


A mother of a three-year-old child contacted me on Tuesday with a request that I have received for the first time since we have been in Victoria. 

During Chanukah season I get many requests from parents and teachers to provide  them with Chanukah items so they can be presented in preschools or schools so classmates of Jewish children may learn about this Jewish Holiday.

But  this lovely mother asked if I would come to blow the Shofar at her child's preschool class so the children could learn about the Jewish New Year.  Since I was unavailable to personally attend at the time she needed, I told her -  "I'm more than happy to lend you the Shofar and I will teach you how to blow it".  Shortly after I gave a quick sixty- second Shofar blowing lesson and she got it...

That night she came to return the Shofar:  "It went great. The kids enjoyed it and it was fantastic.  For me it was a very special experience since I have never gotten close to a Shofar, let alone blow it"...

 As she was about to leave the house, she added: "Oh and I had some very surprising reactions.  After I blew the Shofar, a teacher helper walked up to me with her eyes glistening.  'I'm Jewish', she said.  'Last time I heard the Shofar was as a little girl, at synagogue with my grandmother; thank you for bringing back these special memories'"...

There is nothing that describes the Shofar better than this story, the sound that goes to the depth of our soul and reminds us who we are...

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Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi and Rebetzin Chani,
The power of the Sofar is immeasurable. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for most inspiring Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur services. The cantors voices were uplifting, the talks between davening were meaningful, the meals as always were nourishing and the sound of the Shofar on both High Holidays was stirring. We greatly appreciate the effort to attend to so many details. May our special Chabad community enjoy excellent health, success and nachas in the New Year.
Warmest regards,
Elisabeth and George