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The Messenger from Heaven

Friday, 11 May, 2012 - 11:42 am

 A hearty thanks to everyone who took part in the birthday Shabbaton of our daughter Rochel last Friday, both in body and in spirit, please enjoy the movie our children prepared in honour of the occasion which was presented at the beginning of the evening: 

Comments on: The Messenger from Heaven

Joannie wrote...

Meir and Chani - I am one of your biggest fans from the other side of the country. Your children are beyond cute (and smart)- you should have much chassidishe nachas from them. If people think that living in a place without a Yiddish infrastructure is not possible, they should be paying a visit to the two of you and spend time with your family. Your family could be the poster children for shlichus!

Mazel Tov on Rochel's birthday!

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Mazel Tov! Absolutely adorable! Such talented kinderlach! Look out Spielberg!

Lyov wrote...

and judgment anasgit Israel and the Israeli people. I find them offensive, unfair and unfounded. On the other hand you are doing a fabulous job of showing ONLY the suffering of the Palestenians. If only they will start the peace process by doing what the Israelis do, TEACH the children love and humanity. I hope you are aware of what the mothers in GAZA teach their children which of their children will be the next to kill Israelis? hate hate hate ..I feel that as a Rabbi you have an obligation to stand by the truth!