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Light of Shabbat Project

Light of Shabbat Project



In memory of Rabbi Gabi and Rebbetzin Rivky Holtzberg, who brought the light of Shabbat to Jewish people of all backgrounds in Mumbai, India.

To bring the light of Shabbat into Jewish homes by delivering Shabbat boxes with food and other items on Fridays.

To spread this mitzvah through the dedication of volunteers.

To foster community spirit.


 Every Friday, select Jewish homes on the Island receive a “Shabbat-kit” that includes some basic items for the Shabbat table bringing the light of joy of Shabbat to their home.

If you'l like to volunteer for this AMAZING project - email

Participating Volunteers


Iris Green-Starr

Lindy Shortt 


Inna Smolov
Rowena Keeb
Terry Globman
Barbara Humphreys
Ed Fitch 

Fiona Prince
Miriam Waldman
Judy Estrin
Edee Vladar
Genevieve Brandt


Elisabeth Gelb
Tifferet Verrier
Orly Salama Alber



Advisor: Rabbi Meir Kaplan
Advisor: Chani Kaplan

Coordinator: Sharon Fitch
Supply Purchaser: Kim Odland